What is ACAEngine

ACAEngine is a platform for creating digital experiences for physical environments. It connects devices, hardware systems and third-party software to provide an API for the built environment.

If you’ve used traditional, hardware-based control systems before, welcome to the new world.

  • Software only built on the modern web.

  • Open source continuously improved and backed by a full-time team of developers.

  • Extensible able to run stand-alone, or integrated into staff, building or third party apps.

  • Vendor agnostic designed to bridge multiple disparate systems.

  • Scale-able from rooms, to buildings, to precincts.

  • Distributed multi-node replication for live backup and fail-over.

  • Secure audit-able interaction with the physical environment and encrypted device communication.

  • Insightful provides analytics for physical systems.

The platform handles the low level device communication, system management and connectivity with user interfaces so that you can focus on how these combine to create intuitive, modern, connected environments.

Designed to run within your on-prem environment or private cloud the entire stack is open to ensure the privacy of your organisation and users is respected.

Deployments running today integrate tens of thousands of devices and services into unique experiences designed to improve health and happiness for staff and tenants.

There are no restrictions on what can be built, but here are some examples of what's possible.

Who builds it?

ACA Projects are a fast-paced team of developers and designers based across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. We believe in modern tech and despise black boxes.